The foremost aim of a banner is to stand out, and attract attention, and the simplest way of doing this is to choose a bright, bold colour that stands out from a great distance. Most banners tend to be in orange, white or yellow for this reason. These colours are in contrast to the majority of settings, meaning the eye of the consumer is instantly drawn.

Yet your banner being seen does not always equal a success; like newspaper headlines and television advertisements, banners can also garner attention for undesirable effects. The best way to check the result of your banner’s colour scheme is to look at a colour spectrum, in a ‘wheel’ form. Choosing colours that are direct opposites on the wheel, such as red and green or blue and orange, is certainly arresting. However, when these opposing colours are placed directly together, it produces an unpleasant clashing effect and can even make some people feel dizzy. On the other hand, placing similar, analogous colours together, say for the banner font and background, means that the information will be impossible to read from more than a few metres distance.

You can get around this by using complimentary colours; those that make each other stand out without inducing ill effects in onlookers! A easy test for this is to identify the colour you wish to use on the colour wheel and, using your chosen colour as the first point, draw a triangle within the wheel. Where the other two points fall indicates the most complimentary colours for your original choice.

If you have no signature company colours to match, it is worth considering the following common interpretations behind colours in general.  Consumer perceptions of colour fall broadly as follows:

Red: Excitement

Orange: Friendly

Yellow: Optimism

Green: Peaceful

Blue: Trust

Grey: Balance

Although highly subjective on an individual level, blue is predominantly used by the National Health Trust, green the colour of choice for Greenpeace; you can bet these colours weren’t picked at random! Consideration of the values your business represents and alignment with representative colours creates a harmonious effect. By accurately reflecting who you are and what you do in an attractive way to the consumer, the colours of your banner help to target your ideal customers.

Somewhere over the rainbow is closer than you think!

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