With the ongoing boom in digital and social media marketing, the relevance of printed programmes might be called into question. Yet there are excellent reasons as to why programmes and brochures remain an integral part of traditional printed marketing collateral.

In an age where information is free and internet access the norm, (even a human right, recognised by the United Nations!), print marketing can seem something of a  luxury, however the specific advantages offered by the medium continue to ensure its place as a unique and valuable marketing tool.

With endless options as to the finish, length and style, there is huge scope within this marketing tool to personalise the product to proffer the best reflection of your business. Greater space allows for more in-depth information, allowing you to truly distinguish your product from those of your competitors and resulting in a higher quality of contacts gained from any contact forms or promotional codes that encourage a more targeted customer engagement, and improved odds of customer loyalty. The augmented capacity of this medium allows for both a higher quantity and an improved quality of images, photographs and illustrations, all helping to transform customer attention to an active customer desire.

Essentially, increased print space means the ability to truly SELL your product, as opposed to merely TELLing your audience the bare facts, in briefer mediums. Brochures can also often be more cost-effective than paid newspaper advertisements, with notable discounts when printing in bulk, and since they don’t require an existing contact database, they may be used at any point in your marketing campaign.

When out-and-about, at festivals, outdoor events or conventions, it is not always convenient or indeed expedient for a potential customer to research a business online as they otherwise might. In such instances, an informative, attractive hard copy is crucial to representing your business, and can serve as a secondary salesperson long after its initial reception.

All these benefits can also be reaped from the use of printed programmes. With higher profile, niche and seasonal events such as Bridal fairs or world-renowned orchestral seasons, such is the demand for programmes that they can warrant a readily-paid fee and are often kept as commemorative souvenirs, extending the time any featured business, event or advertised product remains in the target market consciousness.

With so many ways brochures and programmes can help market your business, why not let us make this happen, today? Find out more about our perfect programmes and beautiful brochures, call Omniprint on 01858462152